Libraries & Digital Humanities: Projects and Challenges

International Conference

DARIAH – REBIUN – Erasmus staff

13 September  – 16 September 2022, Madrid, Spain (Hybrid Event)

Call for proposals

The entry Digital Humanities Projects encompasses works vertebrated around different axes. We show you here some of the most common lines in which university libraries have recently participated so they can guide you for presenting your communication proposals. 

  • Geolocation projects with SIG. 
  • 3D digitization projects, and general digitization of artistic and documental heritage. 
  • Documentation use and labelling with mark-up language. 
  • Automatic procurement of relevant data from digitized corpus. 
  • Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and mark-up language for linguistic corpus. 
  • Database managing and bringing closer works and authors. 
  • Creations of virtual exhibitions.  
  • Working methodology and projects developed by multidisciplinary teams of librarians, researchers, and computer scientists. 
  • Experiences from librarians responsible of document management, data management, cataloguing, etc. embedded researching projects on Digital Humanities. 
  • Presentations about theoretical foundations of ethics applied to the digital society challenges, and the risks and challenges involved in using technology in Digital Humanities projects. 

Approaches: theoretical exposition, own experiences, good practices, work methodology and planning. 

The communication setup may be different, provided it does not exceed 10 minutes of explanation. We recommend the presentations to be as straightforward as possible, to be designed as a visual support to reinforce the points of the description, and not be loaded with too much information. Speakers will be offered the official template of the congress. 

  • Conventional oral presentation 
  • “Pechakucha”: presentation template in which a presentation is displayed in a simple and informal way with 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. 
  • Interactive presentation with the auditorium.