LINDH is a research center on Digital Humanities at UNED that works as a hub for innovation, consultancy and training intended for researchers and projects in Spanish. It’s a node for the management and gathering of information on Digital Humanities for:

  • Gather and organize information on projects, tools, researchers and publications in Digital Humanities at UNED, in Spain and in the world.
  • Create an infrastructure for data management in Humanities that groups digital resources, projects and tools so that they form part of the same researcher’s desk, thus facilitating unified access to data and allowing its sharing and reuse on a national scale.

The LINHD therefore aims

To be a pole of cultural and social attraction to foster a critical spirit and contribute to the knowledge of the different stories of society 

Provide technological infrastructures to research groups in the areas of humanities

Encourage the creation of interdisciplinary research teams promoting both national and international competitiveness.   

To become a reference and a means of disseminating activities related to Digital Humanities through the scientific community.