Libraries & Digital Humanities: Projects and Challenges

International Conference

DARIAH – REBIUN – Erasmus staff

13 September  – 16 September 2022, Madrid, Spain (Hybrid Event)


Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

9:30-10:00   Registration

10:00-10:45  Official Welcome speech. Ricardo Mairal Usón, Rector at UNED, Rosa María Martín Aranda, Vice-Rector for Research, Knowledge, Transfer and Scientific Dissemination at UNED, Isabel Calzas González, Head of UNED Library, Salvador Ros Deputy Director of LINHD, and Beatriz Tejada Carrasco, Deputy Director of UNED Library & LINHD

10:45-11:30   Inaugural conference. Digital humanities, digital repositories and democratization of heritage. Worldwide with a global digital heritage. Herbert D. G. Maschner, President of Global Digital Heritage and Víctor Manuel López-Menchero Bendicho, Scientific Director in Spain and Deputy Chief Scientist of Global Digital Heritage

11:30-12:15   Coffee break

12:15-13:00   Interactive workshop: CLARIN Tools and Resources for DH. Flora Sanz Calama, UNED Library

13:00-13:15   Clarivate presentation

13:15-14:00   REBIUN experiences

  • The UCM’s Digital Heritage as a data source for research. Almudena Caballos Villar, Universidad Complutense de Madrid Library
  • The role of university libraries in digital humanities. Application to the case of Memory Novel Labs. Cristina García Testal and José Manuel Barrueco Cruz, Universitat de València Library
  • Simurg new tool for management and dissemination, CSIC’s digitized collections and archives. Laura Donadeo Navalón and Alexandra López Pérez, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

14:00-15:30   Lunch time

15:30-16:15   INTELE: promoting participation in infraestructure: CLARIN and DARIAH. Mikel Iruskieta (streaming), HiTZ Center-Ixa, Basque Country University, UPV/EHU


Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

9:30-10:15   BIESES Project: information and digital data on Spanish women writers of the early modern era. María Martos, Spanish Literature Professor, UNED

10:15-11:00  Digital Humanities Approaching. Ana García Serrano, Vice-Deputy Director of Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education Courses of Computer Engineering at UNED

11:00-11:45   Coffee break

11:45-12:30   Maps of Memory. Jorge Moreno Andrés, Social Antropology and Cultural Department UNED Professor, and María García Alonso, Social Antropology and Cultural Department UNED, Professor (streaming)

12:30-13:15   Beyond digital resources in Archaeology and Prehistory: PrehArqFABLAB as mediation on Historical and Prehistorical issues. Alfredo Maximiano Castillejo, Archaeology and Prehistory Department, UNED,  Mar Zarzalejos Prieto, Head of Archaeology and Prehistory Department, UNED, and Jesús F. Jordá Pardo, Professor of Archaeology and Prehistory Department, UNED

13:15-14:15   Round Table REBIUN: University Libraries facing the challenge of Digital Humanities. Moderator: Isabel Calzas González, Head-Director of UNED’s Library. Participants: Raúl Aguilera Ortega, Head-Director of UC3M Library, Beatriz Tejada, Deputy-Director of LINDH and UNED’s Library

14:15-16:00   Lunch time

17:00-18:00   Guided tour at the National Library of Spain  by Flora Sanz Calama  || Guided tour to the  Joaquín Leguina Madrid Regional Library  by Leire Frisuelos Berbería   ** Due to the fact that the maximum number of visitors per group is 20 people, three groups will be organized to visit the BNE on different days

Thursday, September 15th, 2022 DARIAH Day

  9:30-9:40 Presentation of DARIAH Day. Salvador Ros, Director of LINDH.

9:40-10:20 Realising the DARIAH dream: enabling humanities research in the digital age: from general principles to practical considerations. Sally Chambers, DARIAH-EU Director, and Edward J. Gray, Officer for National Coordination for DARIAH-ERIC

10:20-11:00   CLS project. Maciej Eder, Director of the Institute of Polish Language at the Polish Academy of Sciences

11:00-11:45   Coffee break.

11:45-12:30   “What I actually need is…”: User Stories for the exploration of needs on CLARIAH-DE and Text+ infrastructures. José Calvo Tello, researcher and librarian at Göttingen State and University Library, Germany

12:30-13:15   Onto-Exhibit: a semantic model for publication of information on art exhibitions like LOD. Nuria Rodríguez, Málaga University

 13:15-14:00  Proyecto MNEMOSYNE and its exile collection: Towards the librarian constellations of national literary history and beyond. Dolores Romero (UCM) y Lucía Cotarelo (streaming) (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

14:00-14:30   Group photo and videocall

14:30-16:00   Lunch time

17:00-18:00   Guided tour to the UNED’S Central Library, by Carolina Corral Trullench|| Guided tour to the Museo Reina Sofía Library and Central Archive by Andrés Santiago Jiménez

** Due to the fact that the maximum number of visitors per group is 20 people, three groups will be organized to visit the BNE on different days

21:00   Official cocktail dinner at Azotea Forus Barceló (Tribunal Metro Station)

Friday, September 16th, 2022

Where: Conde Duque (San Bernardo o Plaza España subway)

10:00-10:40   Post-Data Project. Salvador Ros, Director of LINHD at UNED

10:40-11:10   Interactive workshop: The contribution of the Digital Humanities Innovation Lab to the research in digital humanities in UNED. Beatriz Tejada Carrasco, Vice-Deputy director of UNED Library & LINHD

11:10-11:30 REBIUN experiences. Categorization with a gender perspective in Wikipedia: contribution of Linked Open Data.  Miquel Centelles Velilla, Coordinator of the Barcelona University’s Master in Digital Humanities

11:30-12:00 The Library of Editions of Latin Classics in the Renaissance (BECLaR) and the Digital Humanities: the CICLE and CECLE databases and the automatic recognition of humanistic printed texts, Antonio Moreno Hernández, Chair Professor of Latin Philology at UNED, and Manuel Ayuso García (UNED).

12:00-14:00   EsConD: Gabinete de humanidades digitales. Madrid City Council.
Guided tour to Conde Duque Cultural Centre (with interactive workshops and training with presentations) ny Beatriz Tejada Carrasco

14:00-15:30   Lunch time (at own expenses)

16:00-17:00   Guided tour at the National Library of Spain by Nieves García Tejedor

** Due to the fact that the maximum number of visitors per group is 20 people, three groups will be organized to visit the BNE on different days



The International Congress can be attended in-person or via streaming.